The SGL team has represented and continues to represent many noteworthy clients, some of the best and brightest in their respective industries. It is not their names, however, that are most impressive, but their philanthropic endeavors. Rather than identify the clients we represent, we decided to honor them by providing links to the causes that they support.

Below you will find a list of links representing a sampling of the organizations supported by SGL’s clients. With regard to this list, some of the entities were established by or are supported by our clients’ own charitable foundations. While we did not include all of those here, we would be happy to provide that information upon request. We invite you to follow the links and learn about SGL’s clients through their sense of charity and giving.




Finally, we would like to thank our clients and colleagues for the work they do, the donations they give and the time they spend getting involved in these charities and in philanthropy in general. We believe that their trust in us is an even greater testament to the quality of the work we do.