SGL’s guiding philosophy is: Consistency, quality, responsiveness and integrity. No internal bureaucracy.

Engaging SGL Means Finding Solutions. The moment our clients engage SGL is the moment they become an integral part of our organized structure of conducting business.  The size of our firm organically facilitates regular communication, identifying better solutions and avoiding redundancy. This eliminates layers of bureaucracy and unnecessary costs. Because the right hand always knows what the left is doing, our clients never feel as if they are being forgotten or their work is a secondary consideration. While the SGL Team often collaborates, our fees reflect the bottom-line needs of our clients.

Knowledge and Understanding, we listens and respond. SGL’s practice specializes in all facets of foreign and domestic transactions. We have a keen understanding of our practice areas, with years of experience behind us. Our unique ability to listen and understand our clients’ perspectives and concerns translates to creativity and versatility in providing answers and solutions. It is our unwavering goal that when a question is asked on a Friday afternoon, our clients can be certain that they will be provided with a clear and concise strategy by Monday morning.

Our Partner is Your Partner. When our clients engage SGL, they are hiring a Partner dedicated to their needs. Our documentation is prepared by someone with expertise in a particular area, and reviewed by our client’s designated Partner which assures that consistency and the highest-of-quality standards are always maintained.

We believe in simplicity, creativity and quality. SGL endeavors to keep solutions simple without sacrificing depth, to be flexible without sacrificing regulatory integrity. SGL recognizes that while each transaction is unique, strategies are often similar and navigating a solution usually does not mean re-creating a wheel. The key is remaining informed. To meet those standards, SGL maintains a staff entirely dedicated to updating information, reviewing the latest trends and guaranteeing that the Partners are always apprised of regulatory and compliance changes, provided updates of transactional documents and advised of the recent credit or banking changes.   Whether domestic or cross-border, our goal is to cut through the confusion, avoid surprises and speak in a language our clients can understand.